Automatic Transmission System Products
Protex transmission products remove harmful sludge and varnish from the system, which improves shifting and helps control shudder while reducing the chance of costly repairs and extending the life of the transmission.
94100 - MTS 11 oz.
Multi-Functional Flush and Cleaner for Use in Engines, Transmissions and Steering Systems

  • Chemically “tunes-up” the engine by loosening sticky valves, lifters and rings
  • Proprietary chemical formula dissolves harmful gum and varnish and removes sludge
  • Improves transmission shifting and helps control ‘shudder’
  • Prepares engine, transmission and steering system for fluid change
  • Dispersants and detergents keep removed deposits in suspension until the fluid is drained
  • Safe for all engines, transmissions and steering systems
  • Compatible with all fluids including synthetics
93250 - Transmission Conditioner 11 oz.
Enhances the Performance of Transmission Fluids to Maintain Efficient Operation

  • Chemically “tunes-up” the transmission by freeing up sticky valves
  • Removes harmful deposits and extends the life of the transmission
  • Improves transmission shifting and helps control ‘shudder’
  • Conditions seals and O-rings to prevent leaks
  • Compatible with all types of automatic transmission fluids, including synthetics
Protex differential additives, limited slip additive, and gear oil products will remove harmful sludge and varnish to help extend component life and reduce maintenance cost.
93260 - LSD 6 oz.

Synthetic Friction Modifier that Restores Normal Operation in Limited Slip Differentials

  • Contains a synthetic friction modifier to reduce resistance and abrasion
  • Eliminates clutch plate chatter
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Compatible with all differential fluids, including mineral based and synthetic