Fuel Products & Diesel Products
Protex fuel products are made to clean and maintain the performance of the fuel system in all types of vehicles, including gas and diesel engines from older models to the latest electronic controlled injection technology. Bardahl fuel system products will help resolve common fuel system problems like loss of power, rough idle, and lower fuel mileage, while maintaining the operating efficiency to reduce emmissions and improve fuel economy.

Engine Treatment & Oil Additives
Protex oil products are made to enhance the motor oil properties used in a vehicle to protect the engine from harmful deposits, reduce wear due to friction, and extend the life of the parts and components.
Automatic Transmission System Products
Protex transmission products remove harmful sludge and varnish from the system, which improves shifting and helps control shudder while reducing the chance of costly repairs and extending the life of the transmission.
Power Steering System Products
Protex power steering products include high-quality fluids with cleaners and conditioners that are specially designed to keep the system operating at peak performance, for different climates and driving conditions.
Cooling System Products
Protex radiator products have been formulated to effectively clean and maintain the cooling system in all vehicles. These products include flushes, anti-rust conditioners, and sealants to help protect the cooling system from corrosion and contamination that cause leaks and operating failure.
Air Conditioning Products
PROTEX by BARDAHL® AC Fresh™ contains the latest chemistry to quickly and efficiently eliminate the odor producing organisms. The solution also has powerful deodorizers that keep the automobile interior smelling fresh and clean.
Differential Additives & Gear Oils
Protex differential additives, limited slip additive, and gear oil products will remove harmful sludge and varnish to help extend component life and reduce maintenance cost.
Brake System Products
Protex offers a full line of brake service products, including synthetic brake fluids, a brake parts cleaner and an anti-squeal solution. These products will help maintain the proper and safe operation of the braking system.
Battery Products
Protex offers Battery Service products
Wiper Blades
The full line of Bardahl wiper blades is available through Protex. These blades have universal connectors for fast and easy installation and provide smooth, quiet and chatter-free performance. Bardahl blades are designed to effectively clean the windshield in all types of weather conditions.
Custom Kits
In addition to the products listed above, custom service kits can be assembled and shrink-wrapped in any configuration desired by a distributor or their installer customers. Call for further information.
Bardahl Products
All other Bardahl branded products are available to Protex distributors and their installer customers, including various greases, gear oils, adhesives, and general purpose items. Call for further information.
Protex Protexion Plan
Continue your protection with Protex by Bardahl vehicle services at the Manufacturer/Dealer recommended maintenance intervals.